The joys on institutionalized racism and sexism.

So I was sitting in my kitchen, drinking tea and eating a bagel, when I looked out the window into the classroom next to my apartment building (a Catholic elementary and middle school). At first I was unsure what exactly the children were doing, then I realized that the boys in the class had little paper headbands wrapped their noggins and the girls were wearing funny little white hats. It occurred to me that the class was pretending to be indians and pilgrims (a little late?). Upon closer inspection, the girls were preparing a faux-thanksgiving feast while a group of boys played on the side of the room, often patting their hands over their mouths and dancing awkwardly.

I'd like to shake the hand of that classes teacher and congratulate them for perpetuating racial stereotypes and outdated female gender roles. Great job!

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So I found out someone has a pretty big crish on me. They've been referring to me as "Mister Kitten Face." Is that creepy? I think it sort of is.

If you leave me your address I will send you baked goods in the mail!

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Recap of the last month here in the Boston area:
Moved in to my apartment.
Was overheated just about everyday.
Started my new job.
Loved my new job.
Rode my bike.
Got hit by a cop while riding my bike.
Got a new bike.
Registered for classes.
Critcal Massed.

It's weird to think that I've been living here for a month already.

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I'm such a sap. Sappy saperson. I need to find a way to balance out the sappyness. The whole being lonely thing is taking its toll. EDIT AT 10:30pm: JUST GOT MORE SAPPY.

I had a birthday. Nothing too special. Spent the day collecting goods for my apartment and spending time with my mother. My two special ladies stopped by to have sesame tofu and chocolate-apricot cake.

I'm so excited to move! My new address is:
148 High Street Apt #33
Medford, MA 02155